Black Bra with Blue Floral Lace Overlay – From My First TeenFidelity & My ONLY “daddy” fauxcest scene!

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Owned and worn heavily for five years<3 PART OF MY VERY FIRST WEEK SHOOTING BOY/GIRL PORN WARDROBE! THIRD BOY/GIRL SCENE EVER! My FIRST & ONLY incest porn scene with a male talent. You will receive ten emailed photos the very last time I wear it before I send it off to you, and one signed mini Polaroid wearing the item included in the package:) You may request additional photos throughout the day on the last day I wear it by joining or receive a ten minute 4k UHD solo video in exchange for a $100 tip on Good luck, I know you'll give all of My old favorites a good home;)

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Samantha Hayes

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