I was born in Carmarthen, South Wales. I grew up living with my stepmom, dad, and my cool brother. When I was younger, I was really naughty and always grounded for doing bad things! I loved to go exploring in the woods and lakes near my home. My cousin and I used to get lost all the time and we would run into a bunch of huge wild animals such as bulls! It was really scary. I’m very artistic and creative, so I put my creative skills to use by training to become a makeup artist. When I finished school I started working, but I never had a job for very long because I would get soooooo bored. I started working in cafes where I served food, I sold products door to door, and I also did hair. I wanted to be a gym and lifeguard instructor too, so I’ve been through about 50 jobs! Soon I started to lapdance in a club in the UK and this was so much fun! I started to get offers to model, so I decided to keep doing it. Next, I got a chance to work for a newspaper called The Daily Sport and a gentleman there took me on a lot of amazing shoots and told me I should do porn. So, in January of 2005, I came out to California to start my porn career. I got an agent right away and started to work. I feel that this is the best job for me because I’m always horny!