6’ Blonde, Tattooed, Single/Unicorn, MILF, Cougar, Snowbunny, Adult Film Star ⭐️ and Fetish Model.
Birthday January 26, 1973 🎁
I love performing and being the center of attention. So if a camera is pointed at me, you can guarantee that I’m gonna show out!
I love BBC, the color purple 💜 and expensive perfume.
I am known for my super long legs, beautiful feet,🦶🏼 my animated personality and a vibe that is known to shift the frequency of the whole damn room when I walk in.
Did I mention that I’ve mastered the art of Kegels AND I can make myself squirt, over and over and over again?!!…..💦 💦
I will be auctioning off my personal lingerie worn while filming or while doing other kinky things  I’ll also be auctioning off items that I personally hand made