Katana Dreamz

The fragrance of Katana Dreamz is mood elevating . Her underarm scent brings deep contentment. The scent of her breast provides life nourishment. Katana Dreamz wet ass pussy fragrance unleashes courage for users to conquer their wildest dreams. The holy bootyhole scent of Katana Dreamz entices its audience to live the life they desired since conception. With the fragrance of Katana Dreamz soles you will be known as the Greatest of All Time.

✨ Items for Purchase ✨

👙worn bikini bra , sports bra , bralette and swimsuit thong

👚worn fitted crop tops

👗worn fitted mini dress and sundresses

🩴worn flip flops

👢worn thigh high boots

🩲worn panties, booty shorts and workout bottoms

🧦worn socks

🧤worn gloves

🧢 worn headscarves, baseball hats and bucket hat

🛌 slept on pillowcases, sheets and blankets

🛼worn roller blades

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